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The 500 Hidden Secrets of Miami

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    • What are the 5 nicest water views?
    • Where to find the 5 coolest hotel pools?
    • Who are the 5 renowned Miami-based fashion designers?
    • Where to find 5 stunning Mediterranean Revival buildings?
    • What are the 5 best places with wildlife?

    The 500 Hidden Secrets of Miami reveals these good-to-know addresses along with hundreds of other secret places and facts. It is an affectionate guide to the city, written by Miami-based dining critic and lifestyle journalist Jen Karetnick. She has selected places and details that few people know, like the nut milk bar located in a Texaco gas station.

    A perfect guide for tourists who want to avoid the well-known spots and for residents who want to get to know their city even better. 500 addresses and facts in total, presented in original lists of 5. Maps & index included. 

    • last update September 2022
    • language English
    • author Jen Karetnick
    • photographer Valerie Sands
    • finish Softcover
    • format 12 x 18 cm
    • #pages 272
    • ISBN 9789460583308