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Ebook FAQs

This page contains frequently asked questions about our digital ebooks. If you can't find the answer to your query here, please reach out to and we'll respond as soon as possible.

1. Why PDF format?

Our ebooks are available in PDF format. It is the mostly widely compatible format that can be opened on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and ereaders, giving the reader a comfortable reading experience. Another important reason is that this format allows us to preserve the practical and aesthetic layout that makes our guides unique in our digital publications. 

2. How does the download process work and what devices can I use them on?

Immediately after you have completed your order payment, you will be able to download your ebook from the confirmation page. You will also find a download link in your order confirmation email. The download link allows a maximum of 3 downloads, in case you want to download the ebook to different devices.

You can download and open our PDF ebooks on your smartphone, computer, tablet or e-reader. On iPhone, the Books app provides an excellent reading experience, and for Android phones there are tons of free e-reader apps (like Adobe Acrobat Reader or Google Play Books). 

3. Can I share my ebook with others?

The short answer to this question is no. Here is the longer one: our ebooks are protected by the same copyright as our books, which means their content is protected by law. This PDF is intended for your personal use only, and sending the files to others is against the law. If you love our books and respect our authors and photographers, please support us and don't abuse the system. 

4. What if my download failed or I want to download the book to more than one device?

For this reason we have allowed a maximum of 3 downloads via the same link. This should allow you to try again in case your internet connection wasn't great or if you would like to download the PDF onto your smartphone as well as your tablet or computer. 

5. Are all the Hidden Secrets guides available as ebooks?

Not yet. We're working on making the entire series available as ebooks but for now you can purchase the ebook version of The 500 Hidden Secrets of Brussels, The 500 Hidden Secrets of Paris, The 500 Hidden Secrets of Istanbul, The 500 Hidden Secrets of Berlin and The 500 Hidden Secrets of New York.

6. Is the content of the ebooks different from the print editions?

The ebooks contain the exact same information as the latest update of the print editions. 

7. Where can I find the ebooks in the 500 Hidden Secrets bookshop?

If a guide is also available as an ebook, you will find the 'ebook' button at the top of the product page. Just click on the variant of your choice: ebook, book or bundle (ebook + book), and complete the transaction process as instructed. The digital products will be available for download as soon as your payment is processed.