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Hidden Holland

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Saskia Naafs and Guido van Eijck are journalists who live in Rotterdam. To write this book, they drew on their own experiences, travelling up and down the country, and those of their friends and family. Saskia and Guido are also the authors of The 500 Hidden Secrets of Amsterdam and The 500 Hidden Secrets of Rotterdam.

This guidebook is their personal ode to The Netherlands, a country that might be small, but has many different faces. This guide takes you off the beaten track to more than 380 different and unexpected places all around the country. The objective is to stimulate your senses, arouse your curiosity and take you to places with a special story. Guido and Saskia take you across the twelve provinces, all with their own characteristics, and through an eclectic range of themes, such as:

  • picturesque artist's villages
  • castles and forts with an exciting history
  • amazing vegetarian restaurants
  • viewpoints for phenomenal views
  • instagrammable gardens
  • boat trips to feel the wind in your hair.

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Last update: January 2023
Photography: Roel Hendrickx
Language: English
Graphic Design: Joke Gossé
Size & Finish: 13 x 18,5 cm, paperback
Pages: 280
ISBN 9789460583353

First published in March 2019