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NYC Guide for Instagrammers

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NYC Guide for Instagrammers is a one-of-a-kind guide to the Big Apple: fresh, informative and playful. The book provides the reader with no less than one hundred scenic, impressive and "Instagrammable" spots in New York. Some of the classic New York sites are included, but most of the places in this book are hidden gems, known only among locals, or "new classics" – relatively

new landmarks on the verge of becoming some of the biggest attractions New York has to offer.

Every Instagram hotspot in this book is accompanied by a fascinating background story, some fun facts, and practical information. Throughout the book, photographer Silvie Bonne also offers expert tips and tricks on how to make pictures that are sure to become Instagram hits. A must-read for anyone who’s looking for Instagram inspiration and tips but also an informative and up-to-date guide for visitors who want to explore a different, trendy side of New York.

About the author

Silvie Bonne is a Belgian photographer who lives in New York with her husband and teenage son. Every day, Silvie sets out to explore the concrete jungle, armed with a Nikon and an iPhone. And every day, the city manages to surprise her. Over and over again.

Language English
Words Silvie Bonne
Photography Silvie Bonne
Graphic design Liesbet Van Cauteren
Finish 16 x 22 cm, paperback
# pages 224
ISBN 9789460582264
Launch September 2018