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City Walk Miami: Cuban Eats, Beats and Treats

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Miami is known for its multiculturalism. But it’s also a city where the population of the Cuban diaspora and the contribution of that population to the city’s growth and identity is widely acknowledged. Without the expats from the island – only 90 miles away – who started to settle here in 1959 after the Cuban Revolution, Miami wouldn’t have the flavor and rhythm that it does today. With this tour, take a small sample of Little Havana, where Cuban culture is concentrated mostly on Southwest 8th Street – also known as Olga Guillot Way or Tamiami Trail, but everyone calls it Calle Ocho.

This walk (5600 steps) was carefully put together by Jen Karetnick, author of The 500 Hidden Secrets of Miami. It is the perfect addition to this guide and will take you to hidden spots that most tourists never find. 

The walk will be available for download as soon as your purchase is complete. The PDF file can be opened on mobile or printed.