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City Walk Miami: Art deco walk

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The Art Deco architectural style, known in Miami for its use of vertical lines in the façades, curves instead of edges, geometric ornamentation such as zigzags and chevrons, chrome and neon accents, and candied pastel paint colors, began in the early 1920s. You can find examples of it all over the city, but it’s especially concentrated in the Art Deco Historic District in Miami Beach, otherwise known as SOUTH BEACH. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 1979, this approximately one square mile of territory contains about 800 buildings that have been designated historic (although not all are Art Deco). The style is so celebrated in Miami that there’s a festival dedicated to it.

This walk (5300 steps) was carefully put together by Jen Karetnick, author of The 500 Hidden Secrets of Miami. It is the perfect addition to this guide and will take you to hidden spots that most tourists never find. 

The walk will be available for download as soon as your purchase is complete. The PDF file can be opened on mobile or printed.