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Update: The 500 Hidden Secrets of Brussels

Photo: Café Flora

Ten new restaurants, 7 new bars and a secret palace added to the 2020 guide

Since it was first published in 2012, the 500 Hidden Secrets of Brussels has sought out the very best the city can offer. This uncommon guide covers hidden and less known restaurants, coffee bars, fashion hotspots, family-friendly places, bike trails and small hotels.

The 9th edition has just been released, complete with 52 new addresses. The newcomers include Asian canteen Old Boy, designer café Flora and the mock Norwegian chalet where King Leopold II ruled over the Congo.

Also new in this edition is a focus on innovative summer bars inspired by Lisbon’s romantic kiosks.

Plus a fascinating tram ride, a stunning villa dating from Brussels’ jazz age and 12 mysterious ostrich statues.

Congratulations to all the new places in the guide! We don’t have space to list everywhere, but our aim is to guide visitors and locals to places in Brussels we find unique and original.