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Hidden England

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This alternative guidebook to England is Ellie Walker Arnott's personal ode to her stunning and always intriguing home country. It takes you off the beaten track to hundreds of curious and unexpected places. The aim is to reveal hidden places that will make you marvel and tell an interesting story.

Discover the secrets of Hidden England and explore its hidden gems with our expert guide. Beyond the bustling main attractions that draw in the tourist crowds, lies a wealth of unexplored treasures just waiting to be uncovered. From quaint churches to intimate museums and local eateries, this guide will help you make the most of your trip to this fascinating country.

Discover more than 340 places to visit, arranged into eclectic lists such as:

  • the oldest pubs in England

  • historic spas

  • Modernist architecture

  • picturebook cottages

  • amazing coastlines

    and many more.

369 addresses and facts in total, presented in original lists. Maps & index included.

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Language: English

Size & Finish: 13 x 18 cm, paperback

Pages: 272

ISBN 9789460583384

Last update May 2023